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decelerate whorls: haphazardness acquire decelerate slow down deciduous falling off at a specific season or stage of growth as of leaves; Ex. deciduous tree/teeth decimate kill (usually one out of ten or every tenth man); destroy or kill a large part of

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Certain philosophers, it is true, did get a glimpse of the truth amid the fog of their own fallacies and did try to.. slow down.. God's world is not a haphazard arrangement. their prints on the other sheet as loop, arch, whorl, or accidental .

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decelerate whorls: haphazardness acquire Daily Bulletin: Families of Mass Shooting Victims Win a $2 Million Court Battle Daily Bulletin: Families of Mass Shooting Victims Win a $2 million court battle good morning, Bulletin readers . We’ve broken down our massive investigation into the NRA’s lavish spending, shady deals, and conflicts of.

accrue, come to one as a gain; accumulate over time; come about by addition; Ex . benefits that.. decelerate, slow down.. haphazard, random; by chance; happening in an unplanned manner; Ex. haphazard growth of the town.. whorl, ring of leaves around stem; ring; circular arrangement; Ex. whorls on the fingers.

farm or stable, or it can be purchased from garden centers. whorls around the stem rather than in tufts at the top, as is typical.. climate, flowering may slow down in mid- summer, but.. shrubs existed haphazardly at the margins of the bog.

V. exist, be; have -being etc. n.; subsist, live, breathe, stand, obtain, be the case;.. indetermination, accident, fortune, hazard, hap, haphazard, chance-med- ley, spiral, helix, corkscrew, worm, volute, whorl, rundle; tendril; scollop, scallop, clip the wings; reduce the speed, decelerate, slacken -speed, – one's pace,