High court rules 2nd mortgages can’t be voided in bankruptcy

Bankruptcy law can seem dense and dry, but Warren saw pain, guilt and hope among those filing into bankruptcy court. The.

High Court: Bankrupt Homeowners Can't Void Second Mortgage If I file bankruptcy after a judgment is placed against me, will it erase the judgment? Be aware that the rules covering judgments and bankruptcy are somewhat different in nearly every state, but there are some aspects that are generally similar.

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high court rules 2nd mortgages can’t be voided in bankruptcy. June 2, 2015. WASHINGTON (6/2/15)–Homeowners cannot void a second mortgage using bankruptcy protection, the Supreme Court ruled Monday. The case, Bank of America v.

When you have a 2nd mortgage, a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges the promissory note, but does not have any effect on the deed of trust which is the lien on the property. You’re stuck with the lien. If the bank is no longer settling 2nd mortgages then you’re stuck with the deal you originally signed when you signed the deed of trust.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court said Monday it will decide whether homeowners who declare bankruptcy can void a second mortgage if the. The company urged the high court to clarify the rules.

ReverseVision Vice president wendy peel recognized as One of Mortgage Banking’s Most Powerful Women | Florida newswire high court rules 2nd mortgages can’t be voided in bankruptcy The Supreme Court dealt with the issue whether a debtor can void a second mortgage that is completely underwater or when the property is worth less than the first.

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