Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

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Maybe not as well as they might receive in the private sector, especially after serving in Congress, but we shouldn’t be miserly either. I want Congress to be more accessible to more people like AOC, who don’t come from wealth, who aren’t making a great salary before running, and/or who have the expense of raising a family.

The House is the most do-nothing Congress in history, hates the President and only cares about the rich and big business. But just like the Tea Party was a creation of the Koch Brothers and hired gun Dick Armey of Texas and promised jobs (delivered none), the American people keep allowing themselves to be played for suckers.

Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress? Seventeen members departing the Capitol are millionaires. Posted Feb 27, 2018 5:03 AM. Paul V. Fontelo.

We’re imposing too many burdens on smaller banks that. Maybe they’re working long hours at a job that barely pays enough to make ends meet.. A bunch of toadies sucking up to the rich and.

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Cummings has been accused of corruption for years and nothing ever comes of it. I believe he, and many other congress-critters are absolutely corrupt and have used their offices to make themselves rich. But Cummings is in his 13th term in the 7th District of Maryland and it’s doubtful any/many of his constituents care about his thievery.

Congress is rich. How rich? On Monday, Roll Call released its annual analysis of financial-disclosure forms, identifying the 50 richest members of Congress, and this isn’t an easy club to get.

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At this point, he estimates that "it’s probably 60-40, 65-35 that it will probably be done badly" through conflict, with the poor eating the rich for dinner when the revolution comes.

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