South Florida is ripe for Chinese homebuyers

Chinese share of South Florida real estate market to grow, experts say. wealthy chinese buyers have been buying so many homes in the United States that they are the top foreign country purchasing property in the U.S – for the fourth year in a row. Those home sales totaled more than $27 billion. But in South Florida,

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Due to the HUGE number of Chinese investors (especially in the last year), I decided to open up this group so we can all learn and grow our businesses. I truly believe that today any real estate agent that does not sell to Chinese investors is LITERALLY leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

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Buyers from China are driving up prices and fueling new construction in Southern California areas such as Arcadia, a city of about 57,500 people with top-rated schools, a large chinese immigrant community and an array of Chinese restaurants and markets.

Chinese homebuyers typically bought in Silicon Valley with 86% making all-cash purchases compared to 32% of other foreign buyers who made all-cash transactions, according to Pacific Union data.

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The volume is loaded with secrets the average homebuyer or seller can benefit from. Rascoff and Humphries give the examples of Dublin, Ohio and Greer, South Carolina as towns where you can buy.

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