Trouble Ahead For The U.S. Housing Market

 · But right now, all the action is in the bond market. It is sending powerful signals that there’s trouble ahead for the United States economy.

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 · The real estate market got a big scare in May when the Seattle City Council approved a so-called head tax of $275 per employee at companies with more than $20 million in revenue.

Local Housing Video As Sedona faces a housing crisis, blue-collar workers may have the option to live in a small community about 20 miles south. A developer wants to build a large, affordable housing complex in the.Florida ranks high among states in lowering unemployment- Florida’s unemployment rate lowest in six years. The latest numbers are down from 6.7 percent in October 2013 and 6.1 percent in September of this year. Santa Rosa County unemployment rate of 5.2 percent ranks 52 out of 67 Florida counties, with only 15 counties in the state having a lower unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) for October 2014.

The German chancellor called the agreement “a compromise for all sides” but noted that it contains key demands from the EU.

In yet another sign of trouble brewing in the U.S. housing market, the construction of new homes fell sharply in the month of September. U.S. housing starts for the month were down 9.4% to a seasonally adjusted 1.256 million as compared to the 12-year highs seen in August, according to the Commerce Department.

Merkel calls for stable euro zone budgets in warning shot to Italy The U.S. housing market, the store of much of Americans’ wealth, has taken a leg down of late, against the backdrop of the Federal.

The Future of the U.S. Housing Market There is no better barometer on the health of the U.S. economy than housing.. read: housing market is tipping in favor of buyers, real-estate agents say. The problem is global investors are already top-heavy owning. Should such a trend be repeated in the months ahead, it would represent the clearest.

And the housing market could already be feeling the first signs of this. The underlying dynamics changed in August and have worsened since. And this is still the tech boom. read. bubble Trouble: Silicon Valley & san francisco housing markets head south . Enjoy reading WOLF STREET and.

The worrisome days of the U.S. housing crash of about a decade ago has become a fading memory for many homeowners. Indeed, U.S. housing prices have rebounded substantially since then. But, in 2017, troublesome signs are appearing — first in Canada, and now the U.S.

Some analysts interpret the recent housing numbers as a warning sign for what lies ahead. "The housing market led the general economy out. Housing could be signaling trouble, but it could turn out.