Versace Mansion Goes To Bankruptcy Auction

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Gianni Versace’s world famous Versace Mansion, now called Casa Casuarina will end up at bankruptcy auction. Original price for the Miami home where fashion designer Gianni Versace lived before he was gunned down was $125 million. Last year, price was reduced on $100 million, and once more to $75 million.

The former Versace mansion, a landmark in Miami Beach where Gianni Versace was murdered, will be sold at a bankruptcy auction on Sept.

Versace Mansion heading to Bankruptcy Auction 1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, United States, 33139. One of the most well known homes in Miami Beach is set to go to auction on September 17. The 23,000 square foot compound was formerly owned by Italian designer Gianni Versace who was shot dead on the steps to the mansion on July 15, 1997.

Versace mansion's $41.5 million sale disappoints. He placed it in Chapter 11 bankruptcy this year after a financial dispute with VM South Beach.. And even though it appears the buyers are going through with using the.

Fisher Auction Company sold The Former Versace Mansion for $41.5 Million 166% of the Minimum Bid By Order of the United States Bankruptcy Court (The Former Versace Mansion) This Crown Jewel of Ocean Drive is one of the most coveted trophy properties worldwide and is recognized for its elegance and style.

The 23,000-square-foot mansion, now known as Casa Casuarina, will go on the block at a bankruptcy auction on Sept. 17, according to Lamar Fisher, president of the Fisher Auction Company. The auction will be held at the mansion. Located on Ocean Drive, the property has been up for sale for more than.

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Here are five things to know about the Miami Beach mansion once owned by designer Gianni Versace which goes up for auction Sept. boutique hotel until earlier this year. A bankruptcy court appointed.

A rare look inside the Versace mansion Gianni Versace's Florida mansion goes up for auction. A bankruptcy court appointed Fisher Auction Company to put the property up for.

Gianni Versace's former mansion remains a photo op for tourists.. With the property now in bankruptcy proceedings, a judge signed off on the auction, Preference initially goes to VM South Beach, which is affiliated with the.

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